Facing the ethical questions posed by new technologies

The ethical challenges posed by digital technologies span human activities from science to business to culture to politics. From concerns about the morality of genetic engineering to fears about the manipulation of public opinion via social media to legal debates about how to allocate the risk and responsibilities associated with artificial intelligence, these issues can often seem complex and impenetrable. Too often, we shrug our shoulders and abdicate responsibility, both personal and societal, for our collective actions in the digital realm.

With the support of Lilly Endowment Inc., Indiana University, along with Purdue University, are developing integrated initiatives to better equip students and faculty to confront and address these ethical challenges presented by our digital world.

With its breadth of scholarly resources, its interdisciplinary community, and its long history of engaging with ethics issues, Indiana University, along with its partners, can productively equip its students and faculty address with the challenges posed by new technologies, both now and in the future.


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Topic Areas

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have seemingly moved from the realm of science fiction and into everyday lives.

Learn about Artificial Intelligence

Business Law

From "bricks to clicks," digital commerce has become an ever more significant aspect of the business environment.

Learn about Business Law

Cyber & National Security

In many ways, national and homeland security are always of paramount importance.

Learn about Cyber & National Security

Digital Arts & Humanities

The arts, humanities, and education are fundamentally concerned with all aspects of what is meaningful to humans.

Learn about Digital Arts & Humanities

Life Sciences

The use of web-based apps and platforms that generate individual data have become ubiquitous.

Learn about Life Sciences

Social Media

Navigating a media ecosystem awash with misinformation and manipulation is one of the biggest challenges.

Learn about Social Media